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the choice
#1lecture by the light beings-10 minutes mp3 audio
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a six-week plan of exercises and interpretive activities teaches readers a lifelong practice that can reduce stress, explore conflicts, and overcome obstacles. its simple techniques can help everyone gain access to "soul-based" inner wisdom.

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'soul talk' best describes my reading sessions with mariah. a conduit who in her succinct style offers a rare insight into one's personal mission. stand-by to take notes for it is often in the re-reading of a session that i've discovered the depth of her shared wisdom.
~trisha, l.m.t


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about mariah



  i have known mariah for over 30 years and during all that time i've had readings with her. the readings never cease to amaze. the guides have a way of reflecting back my  subconscious -sometimes the collective consciousness - in ways that deepen my self-understanding and  help me to open.  i always come away from a reading profoundly grateful for the guides, mariah's years of service, and her deep human  wisdom.  roberta, phd

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