light path archive



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class 1: self care for empaths

self care for empaths

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introduction and grounding information

grounding audio

grounding 5 minute guided imagery

image for woman

sample of grounded man

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centering information

centering audio

centering guided imagery

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shielding informantion

shielding audio

shielding guided imagery

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heart light information

heart light audio

heart guided imagery

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communication information

communication heart audio

throat guided imagery


inner star meditation.mp3   30minutes

sacred self.mp3  6 minutes

 bridging process  20minutes

light consciousness talks:

1.  the moment of choice.pdf                                                    19. the eye of the beholder.pdf                                                      

2.  self.pdf                                                                                   20. the fire in the belly.pdf

3.  dimensionality.pdf                                                                  21. cords of energy.pdf

4.  energy bodies.pdf                                                                  22. choose love.pdf                                                                   

5.  balance between physical and energy.pdf                             23. earth and soul life connections.pdf                          

6.  aspects of change process.pdf                                               24. being one.pdf                                               

7.  being a facilitator of consciousness.pdf                                 25. playing with consciousness.pdf                                   

8.  element of fire.pdf                                                                  26. conscious intention.pdf                                                                     

9.  attachment cords.pdf                                                              27. balance aspects of self.pdf                                                                 

10. shared consciousness.pdf                                                      28. collective creative consciousness.pdf

11. perceptions and spirit.pdf                                                       29. soul knowing.pdf

12. light pulsations.pdf                                                                30. family of beings.pdf

13. grounding the new consciousness.pdf                                  31. daily choosing consciousness.pdf

14. being a creative facilitator.pdf                                               32. willingness to change.pdf

15.  guides.pdf                                                                              33. earth's rebirth and you.pdf

16.  about the light beings.pdf                                                    34. joy.pdf                                               

17.  the presence of helpers.pdf                                                  35. the spark of the divine.pdf

18.  the heart center.pdf                                                              36. third eye.pd


petition prayers.pdf